The Compassionate Friends of Chattanooga
                                                            Invite you and your loved ones to join
                                                         A Worldwide Candle Lighting
                                                                     In memory of our children 
                                              ...that their light may always shine

                                                              Sunday, December 8, 2013
                                                     7:00-9:00 pm
(Please arrive by 6:30 pm)

                                                                    Loose Cannon Gallery
                                                       1800 Rossville Avenue
                                                     Chattanooga, TN  37408

       Please RSVP to Kim via email: 
via phone: (423)942-9206 

                   Please bring the following items:

                     *a photo of your child’s face, one that can be cut to approximately 2” in diameter
                    for making an angel to use during the Candle Lighting.

                     *a framed, free-standing 8x10 photo or a special remembrance of your child and a
                    tray of your child’s favorite food/snacks/dessert to be shared after the service.

                      *If you and your family would like to have buttons with your child’s image made
                     to wear, please bring additional photos (a size and shape that will fit on a 3” button) -
                     one for each family member.


Order for the Evening

We hope you will join us for this special evening to remember and celebrate our children gone too soon.

Please arrive by 6:30 p.m. at Loose Cannon Gallery in downtown Chattanooga. Parking is available in front of the building and along both sides of Rossville Avenue.

When you arrive, you will be greeted by friendly parents who are involved in our Compassionate Friends chapter. Your host will help you find a spot on the buffet table where you may set your child’s favorite food/snack/dessert with a framed 8”x10” photo or an item of remembrance you bring of your child.

Next, your host will introduce you to some young people – brothers and sisters of some of the children that we will be remembering – who will make a button for you to wear that displays a photograph of your child.  If you would like buttons for you and your family, please bring one photo for every button desired. The “finished size” of the button is 3” in diameter so take that into consideration when choosing your images.

The next stop in preparation for the Candle Lighting is a table where you will create a small paper angel that will represent your child’s memory in the service. We will have paper templates for you, and you may decorate your angel with words, symbols, or colors that symbolize your child. Please bring a photograph of your child’s face to cut out and glue on your angel. The area designed to hold the photo is 2” in diameter.

Finally, you will stop back at the button table to pick up your buttons, and you may select a seat for the service. If there is time remaining before the service, you may want to visit with other families.

At approximately 7:30 p.m. the Candle Lighting will begin. The service will consist of special music and selected readings. During a designated portion of the program, families will come forward one group at a time, say their child’s name and perhaps a few words, and light a candle in memory of their child. They will place a candle and their paper angel on a special stand and return to their seats. When all the candles have been lit, we will celebrate the lives of our children gone too soon.

Following the Candle Lighting, we will share the food we brought and  visit with other parents, siblings, grandparents and friends. Our hope is that this is a warm and comfortable time to remember our children and a time to reach out and connect with other families who share our journey.

Please call Kim at 423-942-9206  for additional information.

Wishing you love, comfort and peace each day and especially during the holiday season.


2013 Worldwide Candle Lighting Ceremony